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Pay as you go

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Pay for the service you need for a trip, vacation or “just in case”. Didn’t use it? That’s ok, you’ll get it back.

Agent Vetting

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ZOM.Health has qualified agents that use a systematic method to ensure you receive quality service.

Curated Healthcare

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The doctors and pharmacies that you go to should be above average. ZOM.Health’s consistent and constant evaluation means you get only the best.

Transactions Records

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They say ignorance is bliss. ZOM.Health makes that true. You’ll not have to “know” or remember anything. All ZOM.Health transactions are recorded with tamper proof technology - it’s called ‘Blockchain’.

ZOM Rental

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ZOM is rented by everyone who uses the ZOM.Health platform, it is needed for transactions. Guess what? You can actually own ZOM and you can lend them to ZOM.Health for rental too.

Insurance Types

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‘Pay as you go’ is just one type of insurance. More traditional short-term and long-term plans will also be made available and integrated into ZOM.Health.